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Gary Crocker's Multimedia Background

This Page needs major updating!
This page was written before Crocker Media Expressions was started and is in desperate need of being updated. Among other significant revisions needed is the fact that I have put Black Cats and Dumbos back into print (2002). I have also produced additional Celebration Videos, including (ironically) a 30th anniversary video for the church in which I am now a member (Bethany Bible Fellowship). I have received a certificate in Multimedia through Wolden Multimedia Institute. There's more, including web stuff, but if I spend much more time with this explanation I might as well make all the changes. Feel free to pester me to get them made. That way I'll know that someone is actually reading this.

Video Editing (Celebration Videos)
Wedding Reception Videos
Created video slide shows for projection at two wedding receptions. These were fast paced shows incorporating more than 200 images each. One included two brief video segments. Used zooming and panning to provide movement in otherwise still images. With the Ulead Media Studio Pro software, was able to precisely time transitions with beats of the music. Captured the video segments, clipped them to fit, and added an animated transition between them. Set up the video projectors and screen, tapped into the DJ's systems for audio amplification, and ran the finished shows without complications.

Wedding Video
Created a video slide show rehearsing the growth of my eldest son and his bride. Received raw tape from the paid videographer and edited it down, incorporating cuts from amateur video as appropriate. The finished work on SVHS and VHS started with the video slide show and transitioned into the edited video footage.

Grad Party Videos
Created video slide shows including transitions and special effects to celebrate the graduation of the high school seniors in our church's youth group. For this, I received photos from each grad's parents, scanned, sequenced, added transitions, transferred to videotape and added musical background.

Church Anniversary Video
Part of a team that assembled and showed a twelve-minute video presentation recapping the 30 year history of our church. My responsibilities included working with the photographs. This involved, scanning, cleanup, compositing, and sequencing into the show with appropriate transitions and then transfer to video tape (SVHS). I was also responsible for final editing of the narrator's script and timing for synchronization with the images on screen.

Audio Editing

The Ballad of John Glenn
Digitized and modified an old audio tape of a song that my Dad and Uncle had written after John Glenn's flight in Friendship 7. The tape was that of a rehearsal and had only two cuts. One had a very bad ending and the other was much too slow. I was able to copy a portion from earlier in the song and paste it in place of the bad ending, repeating it several times as it faded out.

Burned a CD of the results and sent it to Senator Glenn, on behalf of my uncle, just after his recent return to space. My Uncle received a thank you letter from the Senator.

CD-ROM: The Novelaires -- AKA the Crocker Boys
Created an audio CD of the Novelaires quartet of the 1950's/60's. Used cassette copies of reel-to-reel practice tapes and vinyl records to digitize. Enhanced and cleaned the files in Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge to remove noise and adjust sound levels. Arranged and burned to CD. Created labeling for the CD and its jewel case. (This CD includes the song mentioned above.)


Novelaire Memories
Conducted a series of interviews with my uncle about the Novelaires, a popular barbershop quartet in which he and my dad sang during the 1950s & early 1960s. Transcribed and edited the tapes into an article for Southern Oregon Heritage, 1997 (The Magazine of the Southern Oregon Historical Society).

Black Cats and Dumbos: WWII's Fighting PBYs
Assisted my father with the preparation of his book about the PBY Catalina in World War II. Prepared all its photographs by making inter-negatives and prints for use by the publisher (TAB Books, 1987).


Yearbook Publication
As a junior high teacher in a private elementary school I was assigned the responsibility for the yearbook. Performed most of the photography of sports and school activities, including darkroom work.

Wedding Photography
Photographed more than 200 weddings professionally.